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Are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels the Best Option?

pole-mounted-ground-solar-panelsSolar panels have done wonders in helping homeowners live a more eco-friendly life while enjoying comfort at as low a cost as possible. But when a new homeowner goes to have solar panels installed, they often think that their only option is to have rooftop-panels. While this works in many cases, it can be harder for some homes to truly reap all the benefits that solar energy brings if the roof isn’t angled to use the panels as effectively as possible.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that there’s another option! That option is ground-mounted solar panels. They’re not the right choice for all homes, but they are the best choice for many. Read on to learn why!

Rooftop Panels Have Restrictions

Like we mentioned above, solar panels can be restricted by the qualities of your roof. If your roof isn’t at a good angle, does not face south to get enough direct sunlight, or if the solar panels are blocked by a chimney or skylights, you’ll have less effective solar energy consumption.

There’s also the matter of the size of your roof. It may not even be large enough for a solar energy system that can actually meet all the electrical demands of your living space. After all, electrical needs have been growing in recent years.

Ground-Mounted Panels Are Easy to Place

Since ground-mounted systems can be placed on any open land, they’re easy for our professionals to install. They do not require drilling into a roof, and the components used to secure standard ground-mounted systems are relatively lightweight and easy to remove.

Ground-mounted panels can be set at the perfect angle, and faced the precise direction they need to in order to get the most from the free energy of the sun. Where your rooftop restricts this, ground-mounted systems actually help you generate more electricity than a comparably-sized rooftop solar system.

That said, ground-mounted solar panels typically are a bit costlier than rooftop solar panels on a per-watt basis. This is because there is often additional labor and permitting involved in order to successfully install these components. But ground-mounted systems can be located wherever conditions are best, once receiving that proper permitting.

“Are All Ground-Mounted Systems the Same?”

Nope! Actually there are two types of ground-mounted solar panel systems—the standard ground mounts like we’ve been discussing above, and the pole-mounted solar panel system.

Pole-mounted systems are able to support multiple solar panels on a single pole, and elevate those panels higher off the ground. With these, you not only get all the benefits we mentioned above, but they’re highly effective if available space is an issue in your yard.

We understand you may have questions, and we have your answers! Please get in touch if you’re considering going solar. There are many factors to consider before investing in solar services, and we are here to walk you through every step of the process.

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