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Should You Invest in a Pool Heater?

Being in a nice, refreshing pool is one of the best ways to relax and have fun during the summer, right? Whether you’re swimming, just dipping your feet in, or floating in a tube “lazy river” style, a swimming pool is one of the best luxuries you can invest in for your home.

However, as nice as it is to cool off during a hot day, you still don’t want to take an ice-bath, right? it can be uncomfortable to swim in water that’s too cold, and for this reason, many folks just avoid swimming when temperatures are cooler. Since it takes a long time around here for daytime temperatures to warm the pool back up, a pool heater comes in handy!

Read on as we uncover some of the benefits of a professionally installed and serviced pool heater.

Year-Round Access to Swimming

When you have a pool heater installed, you have the ability to change the pool temperature to your preference no matter the time of the year. Our winters can get pretty chilly, but even so you can still have access to your pool whenever you want!

Having a pool heater also means you don’t need to worry about what time of the night or day you swim. You can get a few hours in early in the morning or as late in the night as you want (but of course, for safety, consider having a swimming buddy!).

A Regulated Temperature Keeps You Healthy

Choosing not to swim when the water is too cold can be an issue of preference and comfort, but it’s also wise. Cold water can shock the system, lowering your immunity and making you more susceptible to getting sick.

You Can Increase Your Pool’s Utility and Your Home Value

You’re probably already aware that a pool can increase the value of your property. Upgrading it to an all-year-round pool can raise that value even higher. A pool “for all seasons” is an asset that many physically active and swim-loving people compete for when it comes to home buying!

Pool Heaters Are Very Durable

Pool heaters only need occasional service from a professional to keep in good shape for several years. Therefore, they offer a great return on investment, especially considering the fact that yours will contribute to the value of your home as well.

What Kind of Pool Heater Is Best?

This depends on your specific needs! There are two fuel types to consider—gas and electric. Gas heaters use natural gas or propane in order to power the heater that warms up your pool. These pool heaters heat the pools quickly, but they aren’t the most eco-friendly option. Gas heaters are often best for those who don’t use their pools on a daily basis.

Electric pool heaters are eco-friendly, particularly if you choose to go solar as well! They’re great for warm climates where the pool is used frequently, like our climate! They are a bit more expensive from month to month, however, they are a great investment if you want comfort and value.

For reliable pool equipment services in Sacramento and beyond, contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc.—The Guys in the Big Red Trucks!

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